It’s been forever, I know. The last thing I made was that suit that I absolutely hated. Work and life took over and I find myself here again realizing that too much work is no good for anyone. I was so stressed about succeeding at work that I even spent all of my free time thinking about work, networking for work, shopping for clothes for work. I’ve got a year under my belt and I know now that work will sort itself out. Life is too short.

I contacted Loran over at Loransworld and asked her for some encouragement to help me get back into sewing. She was wonderful and gave me the big push I needed. It’s also really great to know that there is someone out there who has never met you that has been inspired by you and cares if you are using your gifts.

So for this month I will attempt some sewing. I went to the fabric store and bought a few new patterns and some fabric to get me started. I sat down and cleaned out my sewing area and found that I had quite a few projects I meant to start last year but never did. My goal will be to make these few things before I let myself go out and buy anymore fabric. It will not be a sewing marathon and I will try to be easy on myself. The important thing for me will be to do a little here and there when I have time. I want to be consistent through the year instead of an explosion that fizzles by mid February.

So….pray that you see a post here sometime soon.

Happy New Year Everyone!