I finished the suit about a month ago. Do I like it? yes and no. Mostly no.

DSCN5589There are no close ups here. My photographer has set aside his camera to make room for work and night school.

For starters the pants were too big. I ended up using Vogue 1204. I’ve used this pattern many times and usually they end up a little snug. Since I’ve lost some weight I figured the fit would be just right. I was wrong. I had to remove part of the waistband in back and cut off all but a sliver of the back yoke. That helped. The front closure came out a little uneven and I don’t think it helped that I used sew in interfacing. I don’t like the pants as much as I had hoped but since I have so little black to wear to work I wear them anyway.

suitsmThe blazer is a little better but I’m still not happy with it. It wasn’t until I was cleaning up that I realized that I completely forgot to use the interfacing. I put it all together without looking at the instructions so there you go. Going in I knew that the sleeves would be too short so I added length to the pattern. After attaching the sleeves I saw that they were still too short. I ended up using the extra little bit of fabric I had to cut out longer ones. It’s a love/hate here too. It’s missing something. Too plain.

I’ve worn the pieces separately a couple of times and as a suit once. To be honest, I’m ready to donate them. They just don’t excite me or inspire me. When I wear them to work I don’t feel great and I believe our clothing should do that. My job is hard enough as it is I want to walk in to work feeling confident and ready to conquer the world.

I’ll wear the pieces a few more times then move on.