Most of you know that the dress code for my job is “mostly black”. I am learning that every store has its own rules. My store is very strict. Add that to the fact that my store is in a wealthy conservative area so everything I wear must look expensive. I have no problem with that. I like to look put together and even though my clothes are thrifted or handmade I want them to look pricey not crafty.

So I’m still not sure how much time I will have to sew but I went to the fabric store today and bought several yards of this-


to make a suit. It’s a nice heavy fabric so it will hold it’s shape well and keep me warm in a very cold store. This is where I need your help  I don’t have a lot of time so making a suit will most likely take me a month. Do I go with patterns I already know? I’m not going to make a super fancy jacket just something simple.

I’ve not made many pairs of slacks or non-jean type pants so should I take a chance on a new pattern or design or maybe just remove the yoke back and back pockets to this Butterick pattern I’ve used a gazillion times in the slim ankle length?

DownloadedFile-1There’s a trouser option so I can use that to help me out.

I’ve only made one blazer and that one had tails. Not really what I want. What do you all think of this pattern?

DownloadedFile-2I’d make the blue one and wear it unbelted.

Let me know what you think.