My (very short) Life as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Model

Last week my husband was out of town so he couldn’t take my photos for Sew Weekly. I managed to get the help of a new friend, Monika Labbe, who is a very gifted photographer. I’ve worked with a few photographers and they all have a different style. It’s interesting because even though photography is sometimes done out in the open where everyone can see, the magic still happens in the eyes and mind of the artist. I don’t see what they see and it is so clear once I get that first glimpse of the photos. Moinika doesn’t just do wedding photos. She does commercial work as well and has even had her work on Oprah. She did me a huge favor taking these and I am very grateful.

This is the wig I dyed. I think it looks really great and it takes the look to a place my own hair could not have. That’s what I love about wigs-they help tell the story. I need to condition it though. Right now it feels like straw. This is also the dress I made for the “Yellow Challenge” back at Sew Weekly. If you’re interested in reading that post click here.

I love all the photos and would love to share them all but that would be a little much right? So, I’ll share one more-

I can’t wait till it gets a bit cooler so I can wear this dress out and about. I think I’ll have to leave the hair at home. Well, maybe.


2 thoughts on “My (very short) Life as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Model

  1. How fun! The wig really gives a different texture to the look. I love it! Awesome photography. Would love to see more. And as usual, GinaClark, you ROCK.

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