Reaching for the Lovely Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi is gone and we can never get her back. She was very eccentric. That’s what I loved about her and other women like Iris Apfel.

I was out window shopping with one of my girls last week in the city. We were at Akira and I was admiring all the over the top jewelry. I have a weakness for over the top jewelry. I turned to my girl and told her that my goal as I age was to eventually become one of those eccentric old ladies. I’m not exactly sure what my version will look like but I hope I feel as free as they look like they do.

As I sew and go through the (sometimes complicated) process of dressing myself each day I hope to grow and break through the barriers that sometimes keep me from expressing myself completely. It’s all fear.

There is growth and that’s very encouraging. Anna Piaggi set the bar for me and I hope to have a lot of fun reaching for it.


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