Mad Fun

I like this photo. My husband likes to take photos while I’m trying to set the scene for him. The result can be very unflattering at times but those seem to be his favorites. I like this one because you can tell that I’m talking. I thought it might be fun to lead with this so that you can pretend that I am actually talking to you as you read my words. Just keep scrolling up and down so you don’t lose the image.

By now some of you may have seen my post for Sew Weekly. If not and you want the sewing details click here.

For this post I thought I’d talk a little about the hat.

I used 2 feet of wire fencing to make it. You can tell that I had Marc Jacob’s fabulous hats on the brain. It’s a similar silhouette only completely unsuitable for use in public. This hat will scratch you up. My husband fell victim to it  a couple of times and I went to bed with tiny little pricks and scratches. I am not joking when I tell you that my arms and hands felt like they were on fire. Nothing that a little lavender oil couldn’t fix. Looking at them now they make me feel proud as they are the result of passion and hard work.

I’m not going to tell you exactly how I did it unless you’re really interested. Which wouldn’t make sense unless you’re going to make one for yourself. if you are, may I recommend that you not hug anyone when you wear it and if you’re going to be in public make sure you sit at the table that’s farthest away from the crowd?

I found the flowers at a thrift store. They really are the perfect touch. I wove them through the screen layering here and there. It took me a while to get it right.

My Photoshopping skills are still not amazing but I think I’m getting better. There was actually a house behind me right behind the hat. The greenery fell on the sides so I played around and managed to make it look OK. It was tricky because you can see through the hat and I needed to preserve the look of the screen as best as I could. The effect is not consistent but I like it.

Is there anything else to say? I don’t think so. I will say that there is something so satisfying about making the stirrings of your imagination come to life. Life becomes richer and more interesting. Even if it’s just for that moment. It’s what pushes me to try and do it again and again. Yes, sometimes I fail and that’s no fun but somehow it’s still OK. Not crushing. That’s cool. Very cool.

See you later-I’m out!


My (very short) Life as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Model

Last week my husband was out of town so he couldn’t take my photos for Sew Weekly. I managed to get the help of a new friend, Monika Labbe, who is a very gifted photographer. I’ve worked with a few photographers and they all have a different style. It’s interesting because even though photography is sometimes done out in the open where everyone can see, the magic still happens in the eyes and mind of the artist. I don’t see what they see and it is so clear once I get that first glimpse of the photos. Moinika doesn’t just do wedding photos. She does commercial work as well and has even had her work on Oprah. She did me a huge favor taking these and I am very grateful.

This is the wig I dyed. I think it looks really great and it takes the look to a place my own hair could not have. That’s what I love about wigs-they help tell the story. I need to condition it though. Right now it feels like straw. This is also the dress I made for the “Yellow Challenge” back at Sew Weekly. If you’re interested in reading that post click here.

I love all the photos and would love to share them all but that would be a little much right? So, I’ll share one more-

I can’t wait till it gets a bit cooler so I can wear this dress out and about. I think I’ll have to leave the hair at home. Well, maybe.

Reaching for the Lovely Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi is gone and we can never get her back. She was very eccentric. That’s what I loved about her and other women like Iris Apfel.

I was out window shopping with one of my girls last week in the city. We were at Akira and I was admiring all the over the top jewelry. I have a weakness for over the top jewelry. I turned to my girl and told her that my goal as I age was to eventually become one of those eccentric old ladies. I’m not exactly sure what my version will look like but I hope I feel as free as they look like they do.

As I sew and go through the (sometimes complicated) process of dressing myself each day I hope to grow and break through the barriers that sometimes keep me from expressing myself completely. It’s all fear.

There is growth and that’s very encouraging. Anna Piaggi set the bar for me and I hope to have a lot of fun reaching for it.